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Safety Culture

When we engage with clients for the first time, safety is most often the highest priority in their selection of a transportation partner, and rightfully so. At TCW, we believe nothing else matters if we can’t ensure the safety of our employees, our equipment, our clients’ cargo, and all others operating on our roadways. That’s why professional drivers and staff who perform their jobs safely are a cornerstone of TCW’s culture. TCW provides the most advanced and efficient equipment for them to deliver our clients’ cargo on time and damage free. Ultimately, we make it our top priority for every employee to arrive home safely to their families.

At the core of TCW’s business model is Uncompromised Safety. It is one of the seven pillars of our culture at TCW; and it all begins with our driving team. TCW hires professional drivers and staff and provides continuous training in safe performance. What’s more, we prioritize safety in every decision we make to protect not only our own team members, but all others who they will come in contact with in their daily work and over the road each day. What’s more is that TCW, as an Employee Stock Owned company, allows drivers and employees to be rewarded from the outcomes of excellent safety performance and our performance as a company overall.

TCW has been recognized for outstanding safety performance, both as a company but also at an individual driver level. For example, we have been the recipient of the prestigious President’s Trophy from the American Trucking Association multiple times.

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Our work speaks for itself!

“TCW has been a strong partner of ours for 7 years. The drayage service they offer is extremely reliable, as they provide us with excellent support and timely communication. We highly recommend TCW as a service provider.”

- Transportation Sourcing

“TCW is a great company to work for and honestly the best company I've ever driven for. The scheduling of shifts is great and so is the people, pay, and updated equipment. There is always great communication involving changes in routes and being home everyday is a definite plus. With paid holidays and a great family atmosphere in which there are no issues for taking PTO for family matters, I have no reason to drive for another company. I am very honored to be part of TCW.”

- Brent Coleman,
Birmingham Professional Driver

"I began driving with TCW, then was asked to move into dispatch. They proved to me they place great value on all employees and have been great to work with. There is room for advancement, and they work as best they can to accommodate the needs of their team members."

- Shane Bell,
Local Dispatcher

“On behalf of everyone at Avgol America, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank everyone at TCW for being great and providing exceptional service. TCW has proven their commitment to providing a great service and being a dependable drayage provider. They strive to be the best and deliver on what they promise. TCW has been our drayage provider for many years and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

- North American
Logistics Supervisor

“I have been driving tractor-trailers for 24 years. NO company has taken better care of me than TCW. They have the best pay and dispatch office staff that I have ever worked for. That coupled with great equipment and being home every night are the reasons I am here to stay.”

- John Swieringa,
Columbia Professional Driver

“TCW is by far one of the best companies in the Southeast. During my time with TCW, I've built relationships with my cohorts that extend outside of the workplace. I recommend TCW to anyone wanting to gain experience and succeed in the transportation industry.”

- Marquice Corprew,
Management Trainee