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Family Owned Since 1948; Employee Owned Since 2022. Learn More

Employee Owned

TCW, Inc. is proud to be owned by its employees. If you are seeking a company that puts exceptional values at its center, rewards employees for their outstanding contributions, and has a sustainable, secure model for a successful career path, then you’ve come to the right place.

Employee ownership is a reflection of our company’s long-standing legacy of family values, as well as a culture that places the highest value in our employees’ contributions. Ultimately, Employee Ownership provides many amazing long-term benefits.

Exceptional Values

Since our company was founded in 1948 by Howard George, up to and including today with his grandson Scott George serving as our CEO, we have placed family values at our core. The employees who make up the TCW Unified Team have invested of themselves to deliver our mission of uncompromised safety, disciplined focus and sustainable, long-term service to our customers. Acknowledging and recognizing that TCW has become what it is today because of these outstanding employee contributions, Scott George made the decision to transfer 100% ownership to employees, effective January 1, 2022.

It is with the same level of confidence, security and integrity on which our company was built that its very employees are today entrusted to carry forward our industry reputation and performance with customers through their ownership stake in the company.

Exceptional Benefits

Employees who forge a career path at TCW enjoy exceptional benefits that come with the ownership stake they receive in the company. Our company structure under an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) provides continuity, stability, and incentives to you, as the very employee that invests of yourself in the company and client success every single day. When you work for TCW, you enjoy an Employee Ownership model that delivers these core benefits:

Rewards employees financially for delivering outstanding company performance

Encourages long and secure career paths for employees who remain with the company

Provides a stable, sustainable employment model for the overall life of the company

In fact, every full-time employee has an ownership stake in TCW. Each year’s successes are shared, further increasing our team’s value as owners. What’s more, the longer you remain a part of the TCW family, the greater your ownership benefits grow, continuing TCW’s culture of rewarding a continued and sustained contribution by our employees.

Customer partnership for a sustainable, successful future

For more than 70 years, TCW has partnered with customers to deliver exemplary operational performance in logistics and transportation. The employees who deliver on this partnership with customers each and every day have a vested ownership stake — and are rewarded for —- the overall success of customer operations. Through their dedication and commitment to TCW’s mission, they bring our culture and values of trust, safety, and service into each and every customer operation they contribute to. Simply put, we deliver exceptional customer performance by employees who believe and are invested in doing so as an employee owner.

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When you become part of the TCW family, you, too, can enjoy the exceptional values and benefits of Employee Ownership! Get started today by visiting the links below:

Dave Kastner

Safety Manager

"I have worked in several roles since joining TCW in 1998; Owner-Operator, Company Driver and Safety Manager. I saw my current role as an opportunity to give back to an industry and Company that gave me the opportunity to move forward. Then, Scott George gave us an incredible gift, the opportunity to add “Owner” to my list of positions at TCW through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This brings a whole new meaning to our phrase, “We Hire you to Retire you.” We can work hard with integrity and be rewarded with a secure personal future."

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Our work speaks for itself!

"I have been with TCW for 5 years. I enjoy working here. This is not just a company, but a family. As a whole, we strive for excellence in our industry, from the innovative quality of our equipment to the training of our employees. We are always looking at the next steps to be a safer fleet than we already are. I also work with a great group of operations personnel. They care about me as an individual and not just another driver number. They are always willing to help and work with me on any issues that I may have."

- Dee Dee Murrell,
Professional Driver

“TCW has been a strong partner of ours for 7 years. The drayage service they offer is extremely reliable, as they provide us with excellent support and timely communication. We highly recommend TCW as a service provider.”

- Transportation Sourcing

"I came up through the Management Development Program at TCW. They have invested time and resources to aid in my development as both a person and a manager. The most important aspect of TCW is the family culture. There is a bond created as we work to be the best transportation provider in the Southeast."

- Garrett Arnsdorff,

"Being an employee-owned company, I have a stake in the success of a company I own part of. The better the company does the better it is for me. It gives me a sense of pride to work for a company that I own part of, and a determination to keep TCW the best in the industry. The payout at retirement will allow me and my wife to enjoy our retirement without the worries of enough money. TCW is a great company to work for and an even greater company to retire from."

- Scott Belvin,
Professional Driver

“On behalf of everyone at Avgol America, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank everyone at TCW for being great and providing exceptional service. TCW has proven their commitment to providing a great service and being a dependable drayage provider. They strive to be the best and deliver on what they promise. TCW has been our drayage provider for many years and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

- North American
Logistics Supervisor

"After working with TCW for over 4 years, I have learned to adapt to new challenges presented everyday. It has allowed me to establish relationships with clients, and continue to have them grow with us as a company. I am thankful for the committed leaders above me as well as the professional drivers I get to work with on a daily basis."

- Nick Mount,