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1.) How do I get TCW's Operating Authority and Insurance Certificates?

Answer: Please reach out to our team via email to

2.) I have freight originating at muliple locations. Who should I contact to discuss further details?

Answer: Please send your request to The approriate sales manager for your area will reach out to you for introductions and to see how TCW can bring value to your needs.

3.) Where can I find TCW's standard rate matrix?

Answer: Your business is unique. Your pricing solution should be as well. We want to create a solution based on the details of your business, requirements of the service, and how your shipments fit within TCW's network, rather than provide a "standard" rate that may not provide the most efficiency. Contact the TCW team at to discuss a solution for your needs.

4.) Is TCW an asset, or asset-light company?

Answer: TCW offers both services to our client base. Bringing the most value to our customers is found in providing options that are appropriate for the specific supply chain need, especially in times of tight market conditions.

5.) How can I contact someone to speak about my transportation needs?

Answer: Please reach out to our team via email to

6.) Who are your main Clients?

Answer: We service clients just like you! Anywhere from multinational corporations to small business owners across many different industries, TCW is ready to create long-term partnerships with our value-added services.

7.) I have hazardous materials that need to be shipped. Can TCW help?

Answer: Yes, TCW can assist with most hazardous cargo. Please reach out to our sales team with your IMO Dangerous Goods details and we will be happy to have a discussion with you about our ability to transport your cargo.

8.) Who is the best person to speak to about providing rates and service for my transportation needs?

Answer: Our regional manager sales team is ready at a moments notice to speak with you about your needs. Please reaching out to them via email at

9.) Where can I access machine-readable files?

Answer: Click here to access Transparency in Coverage Machine Readable Files. Please reach out to for support if needed.

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Our work speaks for itself!

"I have been with TCW for 5 years. I enjoy working here. This is not just a company, but a family. As a whole, we strive for excellence in our industry, from the innovative quality of our equipment to the training of our employees. We are always looking at the next steps to be a safer fleet than we already are. I also work with a great group of operations personnel. They care about me as an individual and not just another driver number. They are always willing to help and work with me on any issues that I may have."

- Dee Dee Murrell,
Professional Driver

“TCW has been a strong partner of ours for 7 years. The drayage service they offer is extremely reliable, as they provide us with excellent support and timely communication. We highly recommend TCW as a service provider.”

- Transportation Sourcing

"I came up through the Management Development Program at TCW. They have invested time and resources to aid in my development as both a person and a manager. The most important aspect of TCW is the family culture. There is a bond created as we work to be the best transportation provider in the Southeast."

- Garrett Arnsdorff,

"Being an employee-owned company, I have a stake in the success of a company I own part of. The better the company does the better it is for me. It gives me a sense of pride to work for a company that I own part of, and a determination to keep TCW the best in the industry. The payout at retirement will allow me and my wife to enjoy our retirement without the worries of enough money. TCW is a great company to work for and an even greater company to retire from."

- Scott Belvin,
Professional Driver

“On behalf of everyone at Avgol America, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank everyone at TCW for being great and providing exceptional service. TCW has proven their commitment to providing a great service and being a dependable drayage provider. They strive to be the best and deliver on what they promise. TCW has been our drayage provider for many years and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

- North American
Logistics Supervisor

"After working with TCW for over 4 years, I have learned to adapt to new challenges presented everyday. It has allowed me to establish relationships with clients, and continue to have them grow with us as a company. I am thankful for the committed leaders above me as well as the professional drivers I get to work with on a daily basis."

- Nick Mount,